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How to use our tiling textures

A pointer for using my Cloth Textures collections, if you are using Paint Shop Pro by JASC software, just convert the files to .bmp and drop them in the 'patterns' folder in the PSP program files (or open a tile at the same time you are working on your image, any image that's open will show up as a pattern selction, then you can leave them in .jpg format). You will then be able to use them with any brush type in the program including the line tool and all your custom brushes. This also enables you to change the angle, opacity, scale, density etc. of each seamless pattern with ease. (If you click on the small arrow under 'styles' you'll see a menu that has a brush, a gradient square and a textured square, click on the textured square icon and you'll be able to choose a tiling texture from whatever is in your patterns folder. You can further change the scale and orientation of the pattern from there. To change density and opacity use the brush settings.) You can then use these brushes and tools to create uv map textures for Poser clothing effortlessly.

Cloth textures 1 Free sample .zip
Cloth textures 3 sample zip here.

If you are creating textures for indoor scenes, the 'Interiors' collection contains 168 tiling textures for walls, floors and upholstery. At the price of $12.00 for the collection it's a great deal on architectural textures you will find both useful and beautiful. Interiors Free sample .zip.

They can make great Deep Paint 3d brushes and a brief tutorial is included with Volume 2 on how to do that. Of course they also can be used as-is in any 3d program that uses tiling textures. All 3 collections are OK to use in commercial artwork and to create UV map textures for resale.

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